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  • Oskar González Uriarte

862 visitors to the aRI Gallery Opening Exhibition

  • The exhibition has generated more than 3,000 likes on social networks

  • aRI gallery offers artists an exhibition platform and new strategies for the dissemination of their work - The Inaugural Exhibition with which aRI gallery started its project passes to the collective memory of all and all who have enjoyed it. aRI gallery concludes it and has taken stock of its first activity. The exhibition presented more than 80 works including painting, photography, illustration, sculpture and installations by 27 artists from countries as diverse as Italy, Spain, Croatia, the United States, Venezuela, Chile or South Africa. In total, 862 visitors have enjoyed it at and the exhibition has generated more than 3,000 likes on social networks.

"The best. Different. Original My congratulations" Fernando Gigante wrote after his visit. "I loved it ^ _ ^ Thanks for sharing the art like that" was the testimony of Aurea Vicenta. Like these, many have been the messages received about the exhibition.

"It has been fantastic the reception that the inaugural exhibition of aRI gallery has had and we have enjoyed attending to the interest that the initiative aroused in artists and enthusiasts of contemporary art" explains Oskar González Uriarte, patron of aRI gallery. "We are immersed in a process of learning-by-doing and we are enjoying it very much. ARI gallery is an open platform for collaboration and this, along with its intrinsically experimental nature, has been one of its most applauded features by all those who have given us contacted during these first two months of work" adds González Uriarte.

One of the artists participating in the Inaugural Exhibition, Gloria Ortega Arimany, tells us “aRI gallery is a very good initiative that I support because I believe in the need for art of a platform like this”.

For her part, Daina Roig, an artist from Barcelona who is also a participant in the exhibition, says "Art speaks, it doesn't stop talking even if they want to shut it up, art has the power to change a good piece of the world. For this reason, artists must be aware of that power. aRI gallery is a project that fosters the power of art and emerging artists".

The title of the Inaugural Exhibition "Embryonic Relations at aRI #community" has also been praised by the participating and visiting artists for that experience of "community" generated by the aRI gallery. "It was a pleasant and stimulating dossier, because it created a sense of community" wrote the artist Anja Sieber from Germany. She has learned about the project as a result of her inaugural exhibition, and has already confirmed that she will be one of the artists participating in the next aRI gallery group exhibition.

The Inaugural Exhibition is always a milestone on any exhibition platform, and it also usually constitutes a complete declaration of intent. With more ambition than tangibility in its beginnings, the aRI gallery Opening Exhibition has been a firm step forward to become an independent and collaborative platform to support emerging artists and spread contemporary art. With no other definition beyond the art made in our time.

25 artists and enthusiasts already form aRI #community

Beyond its four founders, during its first two months of existence aRI gallery has added the support of a community of 25 members that support the initiative with financial donations, volunteer work and donated works of art for its exhibitions. "This is the main strength of aRI gallery, its character open to participation and collaboration" underlines González Uriarte.

The Inaugural Exhibition has provided the expected visibility and new contacts to aRI gallery that will materialize in future exhibitions. aRI gallery offers artists new possibilities to show and disseminate their works through online channels, both in group exhibitions and in individual exhibitions that they are already working on in the coming months.

About aRI gallery

aRI gallery wants to play an active role in connecting diverse artists, geographies, ideas and vital attitudes. Constituted as an independent platform, it offers artists the possibility of connecting with their community so that they have a space to share their work and a platform for their promotion. In parallel, it is also a collaborative platform to bring together the volunteer work of various contemporary art enthusiasts.

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