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Call for a new group-exhibition with artworks made during confinement

Updated: May 14, 2020

Open the period to receive works until May 25. Call addressed to all members of aRI #community

aRIgallery, 1 de mayo de 2020 - The truth is that we had never thought that we could live a situation like the current one. Confinement due to the Covid-19 crisis has radically changed our lives. Is today Tuesday or Saturday? Our relationship with time has changed and we already see with some distance the memory of the frenetic rhythm of previous normality. Our relationship with space has also changed: an exterior in which an invisible threat now stalks us; and a domestic space that we have been adapting to new dynamics. And now that we have learned new protocols for social distancing and we are beginning to relax confinement, we are setting a new normality ... because ... all about the coronavirus is going to be long. This is the context in which aRI gallery opens a call for a new Collective Exhibition with works made during the confinement by Covid-19. Discipline, format and technique are totally free, always looking for an artwork that we can show on the web. The call is open to all members of aRI #community, Friends, Protectors and Patrons. If you are not yet a member of aRI #community, you can join now and participate in this exhibition. The deadline to receive the works is until May 25 and the documentation to send to or through private messaging on social networksis as follows: 1.- Digital file with the work to be exhibited: photography, video, audio. 2.- Portfolio of the work: author, title, date, technique, dimensions and, if it is a physical object, the place where the original work is located. 3.- Brief review of the creative process of the work during confinement. Questions, reflections and / or conclusions. All the works presented must be original and the artist confirms their authorship by sending the documentation to participate in the exhibition. Also the call invites aRI #community members who wish to contribute their collaborative volunteering to the organization, layout and promotion of this exhibition. You can simply write to explaining the work for which you offer. About aRI gallery aRI gallery is an independent platform that offers artists the possibility of connecting with their community so that they have a space to share their work and a platform for their promotion. In parallel, it is also a collaborative platform to bring together the volunteer work of various contemporary art enthusiasts. More information at

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