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Do you want to collaborate with aRI gallery?

Find out about all the volunteer opportunities at aRI gallery

From aRI gallery we will promote the visibility of your contribution and, of course, you can include in your collaborative contribution the information you consider about your personal data, biography, resume or links to other personal web pages or with which you also collaborate.

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Curatorial work

The figure of the curator is essential to support the legitimation of an expression as art and his contribution is fundamental to give a discursive context to the work, frame it in a narrative and empower the audience with tools of understanding and interpretation to apprehend the works in all its dimension.
If you are an expert in Art, enthusiastic, and want to contribute to the aRI gallery project in curatorial tasks, you can collaborate with the Board of Trustees to organize exhibitions of the artists of aRI #community
Think about it! It can be a way to show your talent, the rigor of your work or the prose with which you wrap each work and accompany the audience.

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Exhibition layout

If you are a web designer, passionate about bold layouts, you can help design an exhibition for one of the aRI #community artists.
Think about it! It can be a way of showing your boldest skills, without the constraints of a client's assignment, and it can serve as a showcase.

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Digital communication

Are you proficient in digital communication? digital advertiser? community manager? You can collaborate with aRI gallery to design and carry out the diffusion of the exhibition of one or of the artists of aRI #community.
Think about it! You can use it as a laboratory to define and test the development of daring strategies before playing with your clients. Or maybe I can bring evidence of results to your resume.

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Poet, writer, animator, illustrator, ...

Many skills are welcome at aRI gallery. It is very likely that your contribution has value in one of the collaborative projects of aRI gallery. Do you dare to accompany graphic works with poems? Build a micro-story out of a series of watercolors? Animate some works to spread them on social networks? Edit a video to present a new exhibition?

Think about it! aRI gallery can be a new channel of expression for you, it can be a new way of contributing to culture or an alternative way of showing your talent.

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Are you good organizing events?

Do you want to organize an online meeting of an aRI #community artist with their audience? Boost a raffle on social networks that boosts the visibility of an exhibition? ... We await your proposal
Think about it! It can be an opportunity to refine your innate talent in this social sphere or explore skills that you think you don't have.

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Contact us


¡Gracias por tu mensaje!

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Can I volunteer at aRI gallery?

aRI galery is a project linked to their community, therefore, it is the members linked to aRI #community as Supporting members who take part in the aRI gallery collaborative volunteer program.

How much time will I spend on it?

What you want to commit. You can propose to aRI gallery the way in which you are willing / or to collaborate in the project and you will agree with the Board of Trustees your contribution and the period in which you can do it.

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