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Do you want to exhibit at aRI gallery?

Here we will show you the steps to take.

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Get in touch

At aRI gallery feel free to propose a theme, the works to be exhibited and the way in which your exhibition will be designed. Get in touch with us to transmit a simple inspirational idea or a more elaborate proposal.

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We program your exhibition

The aRI gallery Board of Trustees will evaluate all proposals, validating those that are in accordance with the approved Strategic Plan and the criteria that define the programming of aRI gallery.
If your proposal is validated by the Board, we will agree on the conditions and possible dates for the exhibition taking into account its complexity and the necessary resources, as well as a work plan to carry it out.

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We coordinate the tasks

We will follow the defined work plan and you will collaborate with the aRI #community volunteers who want to collaborate to carry out the exhibition.

In this more technical phase, you will have to provide aRI gallery with the images, videos and / or audios that make up the exhibition, as well as the information on the cartels of each work (author, title, date, technique, dimensions and site where the original work). Likewise, you may include other information such as links to your profiles on social networks, your contact information, links to other websites with which you collaborate, ... In addition, aRI gallery volunteers will collaborate with you to create texts and / or other complementary materials that help to contextualize your work, that reflect on the concept of the exhibition, that give meaning to the set on display, show some brushstrokes of your biography, ... so that all of this serves to establish a dialogue with your audience.

With all the material collected, aRI #community volunteers will work with you to build a specific exhibition space for your work on the aRI gallery website.

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We launch your exhibition

The final configuration of the exhibition will always be validated by the Board of Trustees and by the Artist before publication. The exhibition will be accessible from the home page of aRI gallery for a previously defined time and during which aRI galery undertakes to disseminate it through its official profiles on social networks and to promote that the exhibition be visited, supported, commented on and disseminated by aRI #community members, their followers / es and the general public. After this period, the exhibition will become part of the retrospective gallery of exhibitions held at aRI gallery.

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Contact us


Thank you for your message!

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What artists exhibit at aRI gallery?

aRI gallery is a project linked to their community, therefore, it is the artists linked to aRI #community who exhibit in it. Afinity members participate in group shows; while it is the Supporting members who make individual exhibitions.

How much money does it cost to exhibit at aRI gallery?

aRI gallery is an independent and collaborative platform. Exhibiting at aRI gallery is FREE for aRI #community members. These members already contribute a small annual fee to cover the operating expenses of aRI gallery.

How long will it take to assemble the exhibition?

It will depend on the complexity of the conceptualized exhibition and the resources offered by aRI #community volunteers. In average terms, it can take us 1 or 2 months of collaborative work.

Does aRI gallery ask me for something in return?

If you want to do an Individual Exhibition, the aRI gallery Board will ask you to donate a work dedicated to aRI gallery. The work that you want, as simple and great as a freehand drawing or a watercolor; or as complex as a canvas, an engraving, a sculpture or an installation. The work that you donate to aRI gallery is your choice and will become part of the ThanksMasterPieces collection.

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