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Thanks for wanting to know a little more about aRI gallery.
Here you can find information about our Vision, Mission and Values. We also inform you about our governance model as an independent project and about the different ways of linking with the project through aRI #community.
aRI gallery was born during the confinement of the year 2020, but it is the result of many conversations, dreams and previous discussions. It was during this quarantine that a small group of art and culture enthusiasts formed a first Board of Trustees to promote the project.
With more ambition than tangibility in its beginnings, aRI gallery aspires to be an independent and collaborative platform for the regeneration of contemporary art.

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Identify, bring together, show and spread modern and contemporary art. Create expectation about the artists and their works. Reach out to a wide and diverse audience to help stir critical thinking and promote the values that art represents. Promote accessible collecting.

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Vision 2025

aRI gallery will be recognized as an independent and influential platform in the discursive construction of contemporary art. It will play an active role in connecting artists, geographies, ideas and different vital attitudes. He will build his own collection reflecting the appreciation of many different artists for the contribution that aRI gallery makes to his career.

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We are inspired to portray ourselves as the particular "Quinta del sordo" of each one of the aRI #community artists so that, beyond their commissions and works for the market, they have a space to share, outside the institutionalized circuit, their most intimate "black paintings" with a strong contentious, transformative, radical and revolutionary intention against the dominant narrative in the art of our time.

[Memoriae Francisco de Goya]

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Sensitivity and enthusiasm for artistic work

We are driven by artistic sensitivity and appreciate the diversity of contemporary art. In all the activities promoted, we value the resources that we use as works of art, as conceptual propositions and aesthetic constructs that help us define our way of being in the world and are an expression of the deep human condition.

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Support for artists

We support the work of artists as the freest form of work, without even the need to limit it to an institutionally recognized discursive structure. Because, after all, the power of discourse always emanates from the artists.

Do you want to exhibit at aRI gallery?

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Economic sustainability

aRI gallery is not for profit.

To develop its activities independently, it will seek to generate its own resources with its activity and through donations. The funds obtained will be entirely destined to defray the activities promoted by aRI gallery and, if there are surpluses, to obtain works for their own ThanksMasterPieces collection.

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Committed to our community

The success of aRI gallery is linked to the configuration of a solid community around the project. Keeping their diversity in mind and guiding the project to be useful to them is a priority, also taking into account its changing nature.
Likewise, we are committed to developing our activity from the values of tolerance and respect, as well as promoting these values in our community and, in general, in society.
aRI gallery wants to promote equal opportunities for all people, respecting their diversity, and always acting from a gender perspective.

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Open to collaboration

We want to be a collaborative platform of dynamism that integrates not only artists, but also different talents who want to contribute collaboratively to the project. Furthermore, we encourage collaboration with other galleries, projects and initiatives that are consistent with our mission. This networking is a particularly demanding challenge since it requires mutual benefit as a result of the synergy of a multilateral relationship.

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Governance and collaborative volunteering


aRI gallery is led by a Board of Trustees that acts in a collegial manner and is the one who defines the Mission, Vision and Values, as well as aRI gallery's Strategic Plan and Programming. Likewise, the Board manages and plans the resources of aRI gallery in order to enable the development of the defined projects.

The Board of Trustees is permanently constituted by the Founding Trustees and is open to new additions that enrich the project, each new incorporation having to be unanimously admitted. The position of Trustees is not remunerated.


The fundamental activity of aRI gallery (identifying, bringing together, displaying and disseminating art) is articulated through an exhibition program on its website defined by the Board of Trustees. The conceptual development of the exhibitions, their execution and the impulse for their diffusion is carried out by Friends, Protectors and Patrons who participate as volunteers in each project with disinterested contributions and through the objectives and performances. proposed by the Board of Trustees.

Being the dissemination and promotion of art one of the fundamental missions of aRI gallery, all communication activities are aimed at facilitating the approach of contemporary art to the mass public through social networks, seeking the maximum notoriety and projection of the artists and their work, as well as aRI gallery's own image.

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Ana Rodríguez-Larrad

Trustee of aRI gallery

""I support aRI gallery since its foundation because I believe in the need for society to have free and independent platforms for the dissemination of art."

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